Into the Earth

‘Use the stepping stones as a pass through’. The muted advice drifted through the pitch black patch at the base of rear of a deep rectangular cave. The approach to the dark patch was a strip of muddy water, punctuated by a series of convenient rocky protrusions, providing a natural array of stepping stones across the wet cave floor. Closer now, the dark feature opened … Continue reading Into the Earth

Sardine Run in South Africa

Into the Blue The horizon is a slim band of pastel peach, the air is cool and rafts of Cape Gannets bob on the deep ocean swell while a few lone individuals flap listlessly above the rippled surface, unsure of which way to fly. Phila, our captain, and I are scanning the morning ocean of the Eastern Cape for a telltale of a sardine baitball … Continue reading Sardine Run in South Africa

Sauntering in the Shadows of the Swellendam Sundial

‘Could it be watching us?’ Saskia asked. ‘It is possible’ I replied, ‘but highly unlikely. It has probably headed towards the kloof for shelter.’ We had just continued walking after inspecting some fresh Cape Leopard spoor on the Plaat Trail in Marloth Nature Reserve in the Langeberg Mountains north of Swellendam. Following the trail eastwards, we encountered two more sets of leopard spoor heading towards … Continue reading Sauntering in the Shadows of the Swellendam Sundial

Underwater photography in the Garden Route

Nature’s Playground The Garden Route has deservedly become one of the most popular destinations in South Africa with unrivaled mountain, forest, fynbos and coastal outdoor activity options, making it a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Popular for swimming, fishing, surfing, and whale watching, the scalloped coastline of pristine sandy beaches punctuated by rocky peninsulas and weathered aeolianite hint at the diversity of … Continue reading Underwater photography in the Garden Route

The top rivers to kayak in the Garden Route

Incising the Garden Route coastal belt from the ridge line to the ocean are a number of rivers perfect for kayaking. Tannin stained from Fynbos and Afromontane forest, the rivers flowing from the southern slopes of the Outeniqua and Tsistsikamma mountain range are short. Yet, their brief journey to the ocean holds some incredible sections ideal for kayaking, an opportunity to immerse yourself in pristine … Continue reading The top rivers to kayak in the Garden Route