Sardine Run in South Africa

Into the Blue The horizon is a slim band of pastel peach, the air is cool and rafts of Cape Gannets bob on the deep ocean swell while a few lone individuals flap listlessly above the rippled surface, unsure of which way to fly. Phila, our captain, and I are scanning the morning ocean of the Eastern Cape for a telltale of a sardine baitball … Continue reading Sardine Run in South Africa

The West coast photo challenge.

Touted as the most scenic self drive tour option in the world, most travellers to the western Cape depart eastwards from Cape Town through the Garden Route, thereby missing out on the gradual transformation of geological features that render a northern detour a photographic adventure. To most, driving up the west coast and into the Northern Cape is relegated to 4×4 enthusiasts seeking the off-road … Continue reading The West coast photo challenge.