How to safely handle a Rinkhals.

EVERY day in nature is a lesson, and while wading through books, we learn a lot, actually being able to experience some natural event will embed the knowledge forever. Yesterday I was privileged to be present for a search and release of some snakes that had been rescued from a proposed construction area. The snake that grabbed my attention was the Rinkhals. I have always … Continue reading How to safely handle a Rinkhals.

A dance with adrenaline.

While 9 hours per day of bird monitoring can at times be tedious, there are always peak adrenaline moments interspersed between the continuous scanning. Today was such a day – doubled up against the howling wind and walking through recently harvested canola fieldsĀ  while simultaneously attempting to spot, hear and record birds, I managed to step on a Cape Cobra. It was a curious dance! … Continue reading A dance with adrenaline.

Summer Strike, dancing with snakes

In our world of evergreen, the seasons’ flush of the White Stinkwoods this year has been a definite announcement of springs’ arrival. The warm days, feverish bird activity and blooming fynbos has been natures’ invite to don walking shoes and get out and play.   Whilst leading a couple, Craig and Vanessa, on a trail in the Goukamma Nature Reserve recently, conditions were perfect for … Continue reading Summer Strike, dancing with snakes