Brackenhill Waterfall.

The three levels of the Brackenhill Waterfall.

A little known, though spectacular, waterfall in the Garden Route is the Brackenhill Waterfall. A popular tourist destination in the early 1990’s, it has slipped from the spot light since access was limited by the landowners concerned about the fire risk to surrounding pine plantations.

The damage from the June 2017 wildfires is in stark contrast to the budding flush of spring.

The waterfall is located on the Witelsrivier, one of the network of tributaries of the Noetsie River, and is access on a gravel management track from the N2 11km east of the historical coastal town of Knysna.

A thick foam forms on the still pools after heavy rains.

Flowing into two pools and over a series of cascades before plunging down a 35m, the river is currently flanked by a fire scarred landscape after the devastating wildfires of June 2017.

The river tumbles over a slight cascade into a pool above the waterfall.

In the two pools above the waterfall a thick foam forms after heavy rains. The foam is formed as a result of the tannins in the water.

Vivid blooms of bulbs clinging to the cliffs flanking the waterfall

In September the slopes and cliffs surrounding the waterfall are punctuated by the brilliant red of indigenous bulbs in full bloom.

Photography of the waterfall :

Dropping over a South facing cliff the best time to photograph the falls is in late summer and preferably mid afternoon.

The next best time to capture it after rains when there is a decent volume of water going over.


  • Signage: None
  • What3Words : outflow.interaction.blackly
  • View platform : Yes, but dilapidated. There is an old pathway which is overgrown and the protective fence requires a lot of maintenance.

For guided hikes and photography tours to this and other locations in the region contact Garden Route Trail.

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