Groeneweide Trail

If you are looking for a remote pristine forest walk in the Garden Route, you will be hard pressed to top the Groeneweide Trail Red Route.

This morning, I set out with Jill, a guest from the US, for the 15km walk. After signing the self issue permit, we followed the trail down to the river through dappled light and a chorus of bird song.

Lingering during the river crossing.

If you want to see large trees, this trail delivers. Hard Pear, Outeniqua Yellowwood and Ironwood giants tower from the valley floor and shade the contour path. The recent rains and warm temperatures have initiated fungii to send out their delicate fruiting bodies.

Fungus growing out of a fallen Ironwood.

The streams are flowing and the swimming hole has a middle earth atmosphere which enriches the overall experience.

Middle Earth tranquility beside a rock pool.
In the undergrowth flowers break through.

Making the most of a perfect day hike, we had a ploughmans lunch at the picnic site before completing the loop. Without a doubt the most attractive part of the walk was that there wasn’t another person to be seen for the entire route. Natural bliss.

Nothing refreshes like water from a mountain stream.

Logistics for Groeneweide Trail :
Cost : free
Guiding : self guided or guided – for nature guiding contact Garden Route Trail
Location : start on the Saasveld campus east of George.
GPS location of start : 33°57′29.87″S 22°32′06.07″E


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