Garden Route Snakes

Puffadder : Bitis arietans.

A juvenile Puffadder contemplates it’s escape route after being liberated as part of a removal from a home.

As the heat of summer settles in in the #GardenRoute, the snake population emerges from their winter shelters.

The Puffadder is an ambush predator species, relying on it’s cytotoxic venom to rapidly take down its prey after a strike.
Puffadders rely on cryptic disruptive camouflage to blend in and are reluctant to move when disturbed. Research has shown that in their arsenal of camouflage, they have a ‘scent camouflage’ that assists in hiding them from mammalian predators olfactory receptors.

Considered to have the fastest strike of all snakes, the most dangerous Puffadder in the wild is the one that you don’t see and accidentally stand on.
When undisturbed, Puffadders can be approached safely for observation. They will remain still when approached but will strike if they feel threatened. As a defense warning the will give a drawn out hiss. Left alone, they will slowly move off.

Watch a Puffadder ‘walking’ across a road : View Here.

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