Kosi Bay Fish Traps

Representing indigenous fishing methods spanning 700 years,  the Kosi Bay Fish Traps are the oldest existing cultural fishing in South Africa. Constructed in three of the four lakes of the Kosi Bay Wetlands, the traps or crawls are passed down from father to son and represent an ancient form of subsistence fishing that has for centuries maintained a sustainable balance. Kosi Bay is the most … Continue reading Kosi Bay Fish Traps

Of frogs and Princes

The moon hangs suspended in the translucent night sky, the day’s dry dusty smell mellows to a fragrant scent brought on a cool moist breeze as we approach a small reed lined dam. Clad in gum boots and sporting a head torch, net and bucket we are going frogging in the immediate ponds, dams and rivers near the hamlet of Rondevlei between Wilderness and Sedgefield … Continue reading Of frogs and Princes