Geophytes of the Karoo

To most travellers that traverse the Karoo ensconced in an air conditioned vehicle, the vast landscape receding to the horizon leaves a lasting impression of primordial existence long after they have returned home. For the those with even a fleeting interest in geology, negotiating the meandering incision of Meiringspoort through the Cape Fold Mountains or scaling the towering heights of Swartberg Pass north of the … Continue reading Geophytes of the Karoo

Geological journeys – Kamanassie Mountain range

Gazing along the length of the southern slopes of the Kamanassie Mountain range, a hint of a former era looms from beneath the towering peaks. Aligned along an east west axis, the range extends approximately 58km from Uniondale in the east to Dysseldorp in the west and south east of De Rust and Meiringspoort. Beneath the blazing sun the series of peaks and plateaus have … Continue reading Geological journeys – Kamanassie Mountain range