Kleinkrans Beach

Tucked away in the Garden Route, Kleinkrans is a blip on the map of South Africa which is easily bypassed while travelling from Cape Town to Knysna. For the adventurous travellers, a quick detour will unveil 20km of virgin beach unspoilt by development and public. While this is definitely not a swimming beach, it is ideal for walking, photography, angling and romantic sunsets. Located between … Continue reading Kleinkrans Beach

Saldahna sunset.

Dotted around the edge of the Langebaan Lagoon are large boulders, stacked like some giant’s forgotten endeavour. Cloaked in vivid ochre lichen and drenched with warm sunset rays, these geological buttresses offer a photographic focal contrast against the backdrop of the azure marine water. As dusk slips across the austral skies, gulls and cormorants secure a roost on similar boulders protruding through the rhythmic waves … Continue reading Saldahna sunset.