Garden Route Coastal Meander – Slackpacking with a Youthful Attitude

This week we hosted an incredible group on our flagship 5 day slackpacking Garden Route Coastal Meander between Wilderness and Brenton on Sea. Don’t let the Old Man in. What made the group incredible was their average age of 77 years with the oldest guest at a spritely 85 years old. Undaunted by the terrain and the daily stages, they completed the 51.5km hiking and … Continue reading Garden Route Coastal Meander – Slackpacking with a Youthful Attitude

Hiking Holidays in South Africa

A World in One. As a tourist destination, South Africa is renowned for a variety of attractions. With a diversity of landscapes, it contains a multitude of biodiversity hotspots with it’s floral and avian wealth drawing naturalists, birders and outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe. South Africa is a popular destination for birding. For decades the country’s wildlife has been the backbone of tourism with … Continue reading Hiking Holidays in South Africa

Leopard Trail – Baviaankloof Hiking

One of the last true wilderness areas in South Africa is undisputedly the Baviaanskloof, a series of folded mountains, canyons and valleys between Willomore and Patensie in the Eastern Cape. It is a botanical wonderland that transforms from Karoo through Fynbos and into pockets of Afro-Montane forest with hints of Spekboom along an east west axis. The Baviaans is a landscape that begs to be … Continue reading Leopard Trail – Baviaankloof Hiking