Pink in a flash.

On a mountain plateau, harnessing wind power is an obvious strategy for plants. In the case of tumbleweeds, evolution has employed wind for seed dispersal while contracting insects for pollination. Endowed with a geophyte bulb to store reserves, the flowers erupt from the ground through a lattice of leaves, this family of plants punctuate the uniform summer landscape with vivid splashes of pink and red … Continue reading Pink in a flash.

Mesmerising Mesembryanthimun

While most visitors to South Africa are familiar with Protea and Pincushions in the Fynbos found between Cape Town and the Garden Route, the diverse range of succulents offer vivid floral colours to enhance landscape photography. Boasting structural colour incorporating a nano lattice, the petals of the Mesems are capable of reflecting up to 70% of incoming light in an array of iridescent hues. The … Continue reading Mesmerising Mesembryanthimun

The West coast photo challenge.

Touted as the most scenic self drive tour option in the world, most travellers to the western Cape depart eastwards from Cape Town through the Garden Route, thereby missing out on the gradual transformation of geological features that render a northern detour a photographic adventure. To most, driving up the west coast and into the Northern Cape is relegated to 4×4 enthusiasts seeking the off-road … Continue reading The West coast photo challenge.