Forest Bathing

Forest bathing, a Japanese concept, is the broad reference to taking in the through your full spectrum of senses. Extending beyond the simple activity of walking through a forest, it is the process of absorbing the entire experience of the forest through your sight, touch and smell. Preparing for Forest Bathing Switch digital devices off Slow down and observe nature Breathe in an extended cyclical … Continue reading Forest Bathing

Killing the trees slowly with your love. 

Trees are amazing, spectacular, ingenious, astounding and magnificent. Trees sustain, recycle and contribute to our very existence. Trees house us, clothe us and heal us. Yet, many, in the lustful moment of attempting to immortalize an ephemeral passion of eros, carve insignificant initials into the bark of trees. Initials that on average linger long after the amour that inspired their carving has evaporated to nothing. … Continue reading Killing the trees slowly with your love. 

Geological journeys – Kamanassie Mountain range

Gazing along the length of the southern slopes of the Kamanassie Mountain range, a hint of a former era looms from beneath the towering peaks. Aligned along an east west axis, the range extends approximately 58km from Uniondale in the east to Dysseldorp in the west and south east of De Rust and Meiringspoort. Beneath the blazing sun the series of peaks and plateaus have … Continue reading Geological journeys – Kamanassie Mountain range