Leopard Trail – Baviaankloof Hiking

One of the last true wilderness areas in South Africa is undisputedly the Baviaanskloof, a series of folded mountains, canyons and valleys between Willomore and Patensie in the Eastern Cape. It is a botanical wonderland that transforms from Karoo through Fynbos and into pockets of Afro-Montane forest with hints of Spekboom along an east west axis. It is a landscape that begs to be hiked … Continue reading Leopard Trail – Baviaankloof Hiking

Karoo Hiking – Eerstefontein Trail

So often a sign lacks the detail of what it is indicating. In Graaff Reinet, as you enter the town from the south, there is an insignificant sign indicating a hiking trail. No trail name. No trail distance. Merely, turn west off the N9. Recently, while visiting Graaff Reinet, I again saw the sign and decided to do some online research. All I found was … Continue reading Karoo Hiking – Eerstefontein Trail

Child’s play in the Garden Route

Sun filtered through the forest canopy and lit up the tannin stained river to a golden glow as the three boys were energetically boulder hopping upstream. ‘If you don’t give children a smartphone and play station nowadays, they are ostracised by their class mates’ Sabin, the boys mother, mentioned while they were out of hearing range. ‘I even bought a play station and pretended that … Continue reading Child’s play in the Garden Route

Overcoming ecological ignorance while travelling.

Recently I read a social media post where the account holder slated one of the trails in the Garden Route. Her complaint is that, just because a trail is established doesn’t make it worthwhile walking and that, for her, it was a boring trail. The trail she was slating was one of the Elephant Trail loops at Diepvalle. I was amazed. All three of the … Continue reading Overcoming ecological ignorance while travelling.

Perdekop Trail – Forest hike in the Garden Route

Perdekop Trail. Disrance : 10km Altitude Range : 183m to 223m Habitat : Forest Duration : 3 to 3.5 hours. anagement: SANParks Entrance fee : R30.00 for SA and R95.00 for international hikers. The Perdekop Trail is a gem of a forest trail in the Harkerville forest section of the Garden Route National Park east of Knysna. The route passes through sections of mature tall … Continue reading Perdekop Trail – Forest hike in the Garden Route

4 Must do Coastal Day Walks in the Garden Route

The Garden Route is synonymous with outdoor activities, in particular nature walks and hiking. While most guests to the region automatically plan for a forest hike in one of the famed Outeniqua, Knysna or Titstikamma Forests, few first time visitors realize that there are some amazing coastal trails to explore. Stretching along the coastal plain south of the formidable Outeniqua and Titsikamma mountain ranges and … Continue reading 4 Must do Coastal Day Walks in the Garden Route

Garden Route Day Walks – Hiking to George Dam via Tierkop.

The Garden Route is often perceived as being synonymous with forest and coastal thicket, but once you move up the slopes of the Outeniqua Mountains you emerge into the vivid landscape of the Fynbos with it’s diversity of floral display. From the coastal towns of Wilderness and Sedgefield the northern skyline is broken by the towering Craddock, George and Tierkop peaks. While Tierkop is not … Continue reading Garden Route Day Walks – Hiking to George Dam via Tierkop.