Overcoming ecological ignorance while travelling.

Recently I read a social media post where the account holder slated one of the trails in the Garden Route. Her complaint is that, just because a trail is established doesn’t make it worthwhile walking and that, for her, it was a boring trail. The trail she was slating was one of the Elephant Trail loops at Diepvalle. I was amazed. All three of the … Continue reading Overcoming ecological ignorance while travelling.

Oysterbay historical fish traps

The South African coastline harbours abundant archeological evidence of human activity and marine utilization by our ancestors. Visiting the late stone age fish traps near Oysterbay is an insight of how transient our history and how dependent we are on nature. Continue reading Oysterbay historical fish traps

Magnificent Trees of the Garden Route

While touring through the Knysna Forest it is important to see both the wood and the trees. Within the forests are singular marvels which may assist in our endeavour for a sustainable future and our understanding of the essence of biomimicry. Continue reading Magnificent Trees of the Garden Route

Compass Jellyfish

With the ongoing global warming debate, astute nature lovers can observe numerous examples of evidence. Photographed here is a Compass Jellyfish, a species usually limited to the Benguela Current which flows past Cape Town and continues up into the Atlantic Ocean. For the past four years, strong westerly winds have diverted the Benguela Current to the Southern Cape, East of Cape Town, which has resulted … Continue reading Compass Jellyfish