Addicted to Addo

As the baby elephant peered out from under it’s mothers belly, the rest of the herd jostled with each other for space at the waters edge. I switched the video camera off and looked up. In the blink of an eye the boisterous baby had darted into the herd, turned, slipped on the wet clay surface and fallen into the waterhole. What ensued was a … Continue reading Addicted to Addo

Tantalising Tembe Tuskers

When we booked for a two night stay in Tembe Elephant Reserve it was with the intention of pursuing a checklist of Zululand birds for my ‘Big Year’ bird count and possibly seeing one or two of the renowned large tusker’s for which the reserve is named. Little did we know that within 48 hours we would become enchanted by this mystical landscape of Zululand … Continue reading Tantalising Tembe Tuskers

Mystical Elephants of the Knysna Forest

Walking on the Outeniqua Trail through a cluster of towering tree ferns between the Rondebossie and Diepvalle huts I had the distinct feeling that I was being watched. Not by someone, but rather by something big, something ancient and most definitely reclusive. Stopping beside a large Ironwood tree, I scanned the forest with all my senses but after half and hour I had to concede … Continue reading Mystical Elephants of the Knysna Forest