Sardine Run in South Africa

Into the Blue The horizon is a slim band of pastel peach, the air is cool and rafts of Cape Gannets bob on the deep ocean swell while a few lone individuals flap listlessly above the rippled surface, unsure of which way to fly. Phila, our captain, and I are scanning the morning ocean of the Eastern Cape for a telltale of a sardine baitball … Continue reading Sardine Run in South Africa

Birding in Oribi Gorge.

The very name ‘Oribi Gorge’ invokes an image of an exotic destination, an opportunity of exploration and a journey into a pristine relic of nature. Recently time presented a weekend between two fisheries workshops in southern KwaZulu¬†Natal for me to visit Oribi Gorge, a high birding priority on my bucket list. Driving from Margate Airport, my GPS led me on an extremely rural route through … Continue reading Birding in Oribi Gorge.