Giant Kingfisher Trail

This is a moderate forest walk. Starting from the Ebb and Flow rest camp east of the village of Wilderness in the Garden Route. The trail follows the course of the Touw River to a series of cascades forming two waterfalls and three rock pools amongst large granite boulders. There are two methods of reaching the cascades. The simplest is to walk, starting from the … Continue reading Giant Kingfisher Trail

A week of natural exploration in the Garden Route.

However long you plan to visit the Garden Route, you will always run out of time with the diversity of activities. For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, a loose itinerary for a week would be and introduction for your future visits. Continue reading A week of natural exploration in the Garden Route.

Gericke's Point

Seven Wonders of the Garden Route

The first time you gaze upon the Sphinx you are filled with awe. Awe at the sheer size of the reclining feline, awe at it’s antiquity and awe at it’s accompanying trio of pyramids. Then the intrigue starts infecting you – how was it built? Why was it built? What stories could it tell of passing history? It is with little doubt that the Sphinx … Continue reading Seven Wonders of the Garden Route