The deception of colour.

Ever since I read ‘Seven deadly colours’ I have been fascinated by colour presentation of the multitude of fauna that exists. Often, the colour of an animal is not actually a pigment, but a sophisticated means of tricking the viewers brain into registering something very different to reality, a means of disguise. Then there are species with elaborate structural colours (one of the 7 colour … Continue reading The deception of colour.

Colour changing Crab Spider

Masters of Ambush. Crab Spiders are the epitome of ambush predators. They hide in flowers and wait for pollinators to alight for a meal and conduct their essential services. Then with a slender thread of silk anchoring themselves to the flower, they launch on the busy insect, bite into their thorax and inject a concoction of toxins to both immobilize and predigest their prey. Changing … Continue reading Colour changing Crab Spider

Cryptic octopus

Arguably one of the most cryptic or camouflaged animals in the ocean are octopus. Capable of altering their dermal colour in a fraction of a second, they can almost dissappear from visual detection the moment they land on a rock or reef. In addition, cephalopods are one of the few marine families that can see red wavelengths. When hunting prey, they instantly transform from cryptic … Continue reading Cryptic octopus