Underwater photography in the Garden Route

Nature’s Playground The Garden Route has deservedly become one of the most popular destinations in South Africa with unrivaled mountain, forest, fynbos and coastal outdoor activity options, making it a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Popular for swimming, fishing, surfing, and whale watching, the scalloped coastline of pristine sandy beaches punctuated by rocky peninsulas and weathered aeolianite hint at the intertidal marine … Continue reading Underwater photography in the Garden Route

Free diving on the Paquita Wreck

Free diving in the Knysna Heads requires planning to coincide with the tides. My preferred time to dive is to start approximately 20 minutes before high tide and exiting as the slack tide ends. Diving around the low tide is possible, but you run the risk of poor viz as the current flushes the estuarine sediment out of the Heads. Continue reading Free diving on the Paquita Wreck

Leopard Trail – Baviaankloof Hiking

One of the last true wilderness areas in South Africa is undisputedly the Baviaanskloof, a series of folded mountains, canyons and valleys between Willomore and Patensie in the Eastern Cape. It is a botanical wonderland that transforms from Karoo through Fynbos and into pockets of Afro-Montane forest with hints of Spekboom along an east west axis. The Baviaans is a landscape that begs to be … Continue reading Leopard Trail – Baviaankloof Hiking

Brackenhill Waterfall.

A little known, though spectacular, waterfall in the Garden Route is the Brackenhill Waterfall. A popular tourist destination in the early 1990’s, it has slipped from the spot light since access was limited by the landowners concerned about the fire risk to surrounding pine plantations. The waterfall is located on the Witelsrivier, one of the network of tributaries of the Noetsie River, and is access … Continue reading Brackenhill Waterfall.

Moonlight Meander – a night time tour of tidal pools at Gericke’s Point.

The Greatness of Small Creatures. All things Great and Small, we saw them all last night on the Moonlight Meander. With a slight offshore wind there was no sea mist and the views of the Milky Way, Orion Belt and the Southern Cross were crystal clear. Marine Nursery. In the tidalpools, it was like a marine nursery with many exciting finds of juvenile organisms. It … Continue reading Moonlight Meander – a night time tour of tidal pools at Gericke’s Point.