Hiking Holidays in South Africa

A World in One. As a tourist destination, South Africa is renowned for a variety of attractions. With a diversity of landscapes, it contains a multitude of biodiversity hotspots with it’s floral and avian wealth drawing naturalists, birders and outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe. South Africa is a popular destination for birding. For decades the country’s wildlife has been the backbone of tourism with … Continue reading Hiking Holidays in South Africa

Wilderness Trail – Hluhluwe-iMfolozi

‘Stop!’ A quiet command from Mphile. We are starting to cross the White Umfolozi River and are 500m from our start point, Mndindini base camp, on a Wilderness Trail in the Hluhluwe-imfolozi. Quickly she looks through a pair of binoculars. A lioness lying exposed in the riverbed, approximately 300m away. The wind is not in our favour and as she gets our scent, she disappears … Continue reading Wilderness Trail – Hluhluwe-iMfolozi

Wilderness Trails in South Africa

‘What does the concept of Wilderness mean to you?’ A simple question posed around the campfire on our first night of a four day Wilderness Trail in Umfolozi. Sinoti, our Zulu guide, listened attentively to our answers. In response Lavio and Laura from Portugal, both first time visitors to South Africa, described natural vegetation inhabited by herbivores and apex predators. We described a balanced ecosystem … Continue reading Wilderness Trails in South Africa

Tantalising Tembe Tuskers

When we booked for a two night stay in Tembe Elephant Reserve it was with the intention of pursuing a checklist of Zululand birds for my ‘Big Year’ bird count and possibly seeing one or two of the renowned large tusker’s for which the reserve is named. Little did we know that within 48 hours we would become enchanted by this mystical landscape of Zululand … Continue reading Tantalising Tembe Tuskers

Birding in Oribi Gorge.

The very name ‘Oribi Gorge’ invokes an image of an exotic destination, an opportunity of exploration and a journey into a pristine relic of nature. Recently time presented a weekend between two fisheries workshops in southern KwaZulu Natal for me to visit Oribi Gorge, a high birding priority on my bucket list. Driving from Margate Airport, my GPS led me on an extremely rural route through … Continue reading Birding in Oribi Gorge.