Wilderness Trails in South Africa

‘What does the concept of Wilderness mean to you?’ A simple question posed around the campfire on our first night of a four day Wilderness Trail in Umfolozi. Sinoti, our Zulu guide, listened attentively to our answers. In response Lavio and Laura from Portugal, both first time visitors to South Africa, described natural vegetation inhabited by herbivores and apex predators. We described a balanced ecosystem … Continue reading Wilderness Trails in South Africa

Glowing scorpions.

One of the amazing aspects of summer is the emergence of scorpions. Living on a lifestyle plot in the Garden Route we get our fair share of wildlife sharing our space. In July, when we visited the Kalahari National Park to hike the Xerry Trail, I purchased a UV torch anticipating looking for scorpions. Studies indicate that the density of scorpions can reach 160 individuals … Continue reading Glowing scorpions.

Atmospheric backdrop.

Often in macro photography, compositions are framed tight with a focal length ranging from 50mm to 110mm, synchronized flash and minimal depth of field. Such images rely on two aspects to draw the attention of viewers, namely unique subject matter and unfamiliar scales of magnification, both of which arrest an audience in the realm of daily perspective. Sadly, when the subject matter is floral or … Continue reading Atmospheric backdrop.

Sands of Time

In Africa, time ticks to a different beat. In the SANParks Kalahari National Park, the two primary markers of the traverse of time are sunrise and sunset. Between these two oscillating beacons, the rhythm of Africa pulses at it’s own unique pace. The synchronized arrival of Sandgrouse at a water hole, the migrating ripples of sand fleeing ahead of the wind or a herd of … Continue reading Sands of Time

Time waits for no-one in the Kalahari Sands

There are three ways to guarantee spectacular game sightings in Africa. First, leave your binoculars at home. Second is to forget to take your camera or to have flat batteries. The third method is to be late for or to have limited time to get to a rest camp in a national park. Having just completed the three day Xerry Hiking Trail in the Kalahari, … Continue reading Time waits for no-one in the Kalahari Sands