The Mosaic life of Sedgefield.

The Heart of the Garden Route. From the N2, Sedgefield’s initial impression is of a small roadside town which imparts the impression of a single traffic light, an avenue of plain trees and a fence of horses. A town, as I have often been told by guests, which masks the beauty beyond the main road. A hint of the active lifestyle that the town offers … Continue reading The Mosaic life of Sedgefield.

Glowing scorpions.

One of the amazing aspects of summer is the emergence of scorpions. Living on a lifestyle plot in the Garden Route we get our fair share of wildlife sharing our space. In July, when we visited the Kalahari National Park to hike the Xerry Trail, I purchased a UV torch anticipating looking for scorpions. Studies indicate that the density of scorpions can reach 160 individuals … Continue reading Glowing scorpions.