Wildlife in my Garden

In Search Of Little Things of Significance. As we enter our second week of isolation, our routine has established to include two daily walks around our property. Not only an opportunity to get some exercise and let the dogs romp around, it has become a quest to find new and interesting wildlife. Hidden between the various stands of vegetation, there is an incredible world of … Continue reading Wildlife in my Garden

Mesmerising Mesembryanthimun

While most visitors to South Africa are familiar with Protea and Pincushions in the Fynbos found between Cape Town and the Garden Route, the diverse range of succulents offer vivid floral colours to enhance landscape photography. Boasting structural colour incorporating a nano lattice, the petals of the Mesems are capable of reflecting up to 70% of incoming light in an array of iridescent hues. The … Continue reading Mesmerising Mesembryanthimun

A burst of colour – Clivia flowering in the Garden Route.

The shoot was barely detectable nestled between the cascading leaves on Clivia’s. There were 3 three year old plants in the pot, the first of my first batch of seedlings to flower. We had started to breed with Clivia’s as a hobby, buying mature plants and collecting seed wherever possible.  Ripe berries on road verges, in friends gardens and in parks – all were collected … Continue reading A burst of colour – Clivia flowering in the Garden Route.