Traversing the Kalahari Sands

“Now, remember, don’t look at anything and keep your blinkers on” I teased Amanda. We were departing the Tweerivieren Campsite, our next destination Nossob Campsite. It was our first day in the Kalahari Trans frontier Park and we were on a two week visit starting with the three day Xerry Hiking Trail. Our challenge was to drive the 165Km to Nossob in under 4 hours. … Continue reading Traversing the Kalahari Sands

Device of trail coffee

Receding into the distance to the North West was the vista of the Mustang Plateau. We were sitting at the top of the Thurang La pass, at an altitude a few meters over 5400. It had been a long, slow morning, starting predawn to ascend the 490m from Thurang Upper base to a pass. Progress for the morning had been slow as the two Israelis … Continue reading Device of trail coffee