Killing the trees slowly with your love. 

Trees are amazing, spectacular, ingenious, astounding and magnificent. Trees sustain, recycle and contribute to our very existence. Trees house us, clothe us and heal us. Yet, many, in the lustful moment of attempting to immortalize an ephemeral passion of eros, carve insignificant initials into the bark of trees. Initials that on average linger long after the amour that inspired their carving has evaporated to nothing. … Continue reading Killing the trees slowly with your love. 

Oysterbay historical fish traps

The South African coastline harbours abundant archeological evidence of human activity and marine utilization by our ancestors. Visiting the late stone age fish traps near Oysterbay is an insight of how transient our history and how dependent we are on nature. Continue reading Oysterbay historical fish traps

The Nature of Farming

There is something mystical about the Karoo light. In summer the landscape shimmers beneath the relentless sun, the hills and thickets a quantum image seemingly fixed only in your mind’s eye. Amanda and I are perched on a hill near Middleton, a sculptured geological model of the towering flat topped mountains 50km further north. We are on one of nine birding sites that we monitor … Continue reading The Nature of Farming