Garden Route Birding – part of a Big Year quest.

Heading in summer in the Garden Route is a perfect time for birding. While it is tempting to use recorded calls to lure birds in, it is important to know which species respond to this technique and which species will be chased away. Continue reading Garden Route Birding – part of a Big Year quest.

Mud and snow beneath the stars in the Karoo

“Do you realise that it is going to be freezing during your stay here?” was the opening question from Erna when she phoned a day before our planned arrival at her establishment in the Roggeveld. “Yes, we have seen the weather report and are packed for extreme weather” I replied. Amanda and I were preparing for our winter visit, the first of four 14 day … Continue reading Mud and snow beneath the stars in the Karoo

Tantalising Tembe Tuskers

When we booked for a two night stay in Tembe Elephant Reserve it was with the intention of pursuing a checklist of Zululand birds for my ‘Big Year’ bird count and possibly seeing one or two of the renowned large tusker’s for which the reserve is named. Little did we know that within 48 hours we would become enchanted by this mystical landscape of Zululand … Continue reading Tantalising Tembe Tuskers

Birding in Oribi Gorge.

The very name ‘Oribi Gorge’ invokes an image of an exotic destination, an opportunity of exploration and a journey into a pristine relic of nature. Recently time presented a weekend between two fisheries workshops in southern KwaZulu¬†Natal for me to visit Oribi Gorge, a high birding priority on my bucket list. Driving from Margate Airport, my GPS led me on an extremely rural route through … Continue reading Birding in Oribi Gorge.