Nature Talks : Honey Badgers dig up a subterranean swarm of bees.

The past five days have been a hive of excitement on the farm.

On a morning walk I discovered that a subterranean swarm of bees in a termite mound had been excavated by what appeared to be a Honey Badger.

Keen to check if it would return for a second night of feeding, I set up some trap cameras around the termite mound.
I got lucky and managed to capture not one, but two Badgers returning over the next two evenings.

The female appeared to have a damaged eye and this allowed us to identify the Badgers as a pair that we caught scavenging on a Bushbuck carcass in June 2018.

This video is the first in my series of Nature Talks.
Hope you enjoy it.


View Here

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