​Springtime Birding on the Garden Route. 

While the 2016/2017 drought in the Garden Route has affected birding resulting in uneventful forest birding, it has had twitchers adrenaline flowing with some exciting out of range and first in South Africa sightings.

Colourful and inquisitive, Knysna Turaco’s are a sought after forest species in the forest.

Now, mid way through September, some welcome rain having fallen and a green flush returning to the unusually autumn tone of the region, the song of a number of returning migrant species is already reverberating from the coastal thickets, aross the fynbos and into the forest.
Heralding the approaching summer has been the Red-chested Cuckoo accompanied by both Klaas’s and African Emerald Cuckoo’s. 

There are two ideally situated bird hides in the lakes region of the Garden Route.
Speckled Mousebird sunning itself on a dune Salvia.

Over the coastal lakes of Langvlei and Rondevlei the Western Osprey has returned while in the forested slopes the African  Paradise Flycatchers are starting to establish territories and build nests.

It is early days, but indications are that the 2017/2018 summer season in the Garden Route will provide some good birding opportunities in line with pre drought birding.

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