Natural wonders of the Garden Route – some recent discoveries along a five day Wilderness Trail.

Being able to relax and reflect on our most recent five day coastal hike in the Garden Route between Wilderness and Brenton on Sea, it was an interesting walk with some unusual sightings along the route.

Juvenile Blue Duiker next to the path of the Giant Kingfisher Trail in Wilderness. These antelope are the smallest antelope in the world.

Without a doubt the highlight was seeing the juvenile Blue Duiker next to the path of the Giant Kingfisher Trail on the first day.

Mussels prepared in a creamy white wine sauce for dinner.

On the second day the highlight was more a culinary delight with a harvest of mussels which was prepared for dinner in a creamy white wine sauce.

A Bell Jellyfish washed up in the Goukamma MPA east of Sedgefield in the Garden Route.

On the third day, for the first time during the 12 year’s of conducting Garden Route Trail, we had an entire intact Bell Jellyfish wash up in the Goukamma Marine Protected Area.

March lilies along the Goukamma River.

The fourth day was the March Lilies along the Goukamma River and the Leopard territorial marking on the Bushpig Trail.

Inspecting a Leopard territorial markings on a Milkwood tree along the Bushpig Trail in the Goukamma Nature Reserve.

Then today, the final day, was a marine bonanza.

A juvenile triggerfish

First a juvenile trigger fish with pigment as a a band through the eye while the rest of the body was transparent.

Ploughshells devouring a squid.

Then a squid, injured washed up still beating while Ploughshells clamored over it.

Then mere meters from the end of the beach we rescued a large Raucous Toad which was inexplicably hopping into the surf.

Logistics :
Location of the Trail : in the Garden Route, South Africa
Trail specs : This is a guided five day coastal hike between Wilderness and Brenton on Sea.
Tour details available on

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