GoPro – a travel camera offering diverse capabilities.

Too often GoPro is limited by the stereotype of action photography, with many missing out on the full potential of these matchbox sized cameras.

To most people and photographers the brand GoPro is synonymous with ‘Action Photography’. Images of skydivers, wing suit clad base jumpers, surfers, Kite boarders and gravity defying bikers performing aerial acrobatics spring to mind.

On a forest walk near Knysna we located some Elephant dung.

But on the flip side of these matchbox size cameras is the vivid composure of saturated landscapes, candid life studies, nature documentary, aquatic moments, night scapes, time lapse photography and image distorting super wide angles. And then there are the videos.

From land to sea, GoPro is a one solution photographic solution.
On a coastal hike GoPro allowed me to photograph a Shy shark while exploring a rock pool.

With imagination, composition and artistic license these cameras are ideal for travel, outdoor, family and nature photography.

The milky way above a Humpback whale skull.

Add the WiFi remote control (up to 180m) and waterproof housing, this is a photographic power house that I never leave home with. 

On multi day hikes GoPro provides photographic simplicity that fits in a pocket.

As a nature lover who shies from routine, I own Garden Route Trail and partner with Amanda, his wife, conducting bird surveys on wind farms around the country.

Landscapes and clouds are captured in vivid brilliance.

My photography started at school with a Pentax SLR system weighing over 9kg, streamlined to a pocket camera, progressed to a bridge camera. Now, for simplicity, lightweight packing and awesome images I never leave home without a GoPro in my pocket. Ever.

Photographing the essence of nature.

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