Robberg Peninsula – a perfect coastal hike in the Garden Route

In the Garden Route, we are blessed with an array of coastal walks – a stroll to Gericke’s Point to marvel at the rock pools. Storms River for dramatic cliffs and pebble lined bays. Or Harkerville for cliff hanging exploration.

Captivating coastal landscape

If you have a hankering for panoramic vistas of mountains and seascapes, then the 7.5km loop around Robberg should be your first choice. Skirting the outer rim of the peninsula, you gaze down at the tantalizing turquoise water.


Once you have passed through the ‘Gap’, it is a steady climb to the calcrete plateau with stunted wind pruned Milkwoods and Camphor Trees till you reach ‘Witsand’, a channel of sand dune which bisects the peninsula.

Birdseye view of the seal colony

En route you pass the first section of a Cape Fur Seal colony with the ‘Beachmaster’ bulls defending their territory while the rest of the colony bask in the sun or cavort in the water.

Contour path to the point.

At Witsand, if you prefer a short loop, then turning left and heading down to the Tombola will shorten the walk. Traversing sand dune brings you out to a contour path with a Birdseye view down to the second and larger portion of the seal colony.

Overlooking the point.

Once you reach the point, the path descends to skirt the high water mark for 800m. This is the tough section and requires some clambering over boulders until you reach a point to climb up and over an outcrop at high tide or hop around at low tide.

The western path meanders towards the Tombola.

The western path then meanders to the Fountain Rock overnight hut located south of the Tombola. On a hot summers day, both beaches either side of the Tombola are perfect for a swim. A quick circuit across the fossil dune island offers views of more rock pools.

On some of the path section be aware of the tides.

From there, a narrow path above crashing waves leads back to the Gap and the final climb to the plateau before returning to the parking area.

Sometimes you need to look back.

Logistics :
Managing authority : Cape Nature
Park entrance : 34°05′59.18″S 23°22′23.99″E
Entrance fee : applicable, Wild Card accepted.
Facilitates available : parking, ablution facilities, information office, beverages for purchase.
Hiking : self guided and guided.
For guided day walks : Garden Route Trail.

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