Mountain biking around George Dam.

George Peak and Craddock Peak seen from the contour track on the eastern side of the dam.

The best part about exploring is that adventure can happen outside your back door. As part of our training for the Isimangoliso staged Mountain bike tour at the end of August, we have ridden some basic routes, set out on new routes and lately explored joining different sections.

Pine plantations east of the dam.

Recently, I tried circumnavigating the George Dam. There are tracks around sections of the dam, but it was a route that looped around it that I was looking for. Inspiration was from a 24 hour race that occurred about 20 years ago.

Water crossing of one of many creeks.

Today, on the second attempt, I discovered that many trails have become overgrown and many grown closed with a thick cloak of fynbos. So while I have not found the loop, I have discovered some incredible mountain bike routes.

A section of single track through dense, moist indigenous forest west of the dam.

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