Giant Kingfisher Trail

This is a moderate forest walk. Starting from the Ebb and Flow rest camp east of the village of Wilderness in the Garden Route.


The trail follows the course of the Touw River to a series of cascades forming two waterfalls and three rock pools amongst large granite boulders.

Along the boardwalk be on the lookout for fungi.

There are two methods of reaching the cascades. The simplest is to walk, starting from the road that splits the rest camp and setting off along a gravel path beneath pristine Afro-montane Forest trees. The trail starts on the western bank of the river and has two options of crossing over to the eastern bank, either on a pontoon or over a series of stepping stones. On the eastern bank the path becomes a boardwalk for the final 2.5km to the cascades which, at times, emulates a canopy tour as it traverses the steep slope along a contour.

Canoeing offers some wonderful birding opportunities.

The second option of reaching the cascades is to rent a canoe, either from the rest camp or from the Fairy Knowe Hotel. The river is navigable for approximately 2.5km, after which you beach the canoe and continue on the boardwalk to the cascades.

The Giant Kingfisher Trail is renowned for good sightings of Narina Trogon in the canopy.

Special sightings along the trail to keep a lookout for are Knysna Turacos, Narina Trogon and Half Collared Kingfisher. Depending on season, look for the diverse range of fungii, Streptocarpus spp and Bushbuck.

Logistics :
Walking trailhead GPS : 33°59′15.59″S 22°36′23.95″E
Trail surface : combination of dirt single track and boardwalk
Guiding : self guide or guided.
For guided nature walk :

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