Mountain biking in the Tankwa Karoo National Park

On our way back from Namibia to the Garden Route, we stopped in and explored the Tankwa Karoo National Park and discovered what an incredible park it is. Classed as the driest region of South Africa, our highlight had to be the liberty of being able to walk anywhere and simply cycle through the stark landscape.

Birds eye view from the 4x4 trail above Gannaga Pass

We did two mountain bike rides, the first along a technical 4×4 track above the Gannaga Pass in the north east and the second on the flats towards the informal ‘Skaapwagter Campsite’.

A scrub Agama surveying the Tankwa Karoo

While we were too late in the season for the flowers, we did find some interesting botanical species, the highlight was seeing Hoodia sp erupting into flower.

Hoodia erupting into flower

From an avian perspective, we managed to record no less than four pairs of Verreaux’s Eagles along the escarpment.

Though we did remain in the eastern section of the park, the vistas from the Gannaga plateau were enough to entice to return to continue exploring the western section of the reserve to compile a cycle tour for August 2015 during the flower season.

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