Action filled drive through Addo.

No self drive tour through the Garden Route would be complete without a visit to the Addo Elephant National Park East of Port Elizabeth.

For both generalists and fanatical nature lovers, every aspect of the reserve offers iconic photographic opportunities. On a recent trip through the reserve we were fortunate to watch a pair of lionesses interact with a buffalo bull.

Lioness stalking a warthog in Addo

After both lionesses had been chased off by the buffalo, one lioness, which must have had cubs close by as evidenced by her swollen teats, made a failed attempt at catching a warthog.

A Elephant bull picked up the scent of the lioness

Continuing down the game trail leading through short thicket she was then chased off by a bull elephant that had picked up her scent as he browsed down wind.

Disgruntled, she retreated to the thicket across the road and took cover. At this point in time the second lioness sauntered down the road, only to take cover in the undergrowth while some Kudu further up to slope barked alarm calls, effectively warning all game in the area of the lion’s presence.

A mud caked 'dagga' buffalo bull

Needing to press on we drove 500m in time to see a pair of ‘dagga’ buffalo bulls emerge from a mud wallow. In the afternoon light they looked like monstrous clay sculptures with the mud clinging to every surface of their bodies.

This cameo of African wildlife represented a mere half hour of our day outing in Addo Elephant National Park before we returned to the Garden Route.

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