Karoo sunrise


Autumn in the Karoo always is a perfect time for sunset photography. A short drive from the Garden Route, the Little Karoo and Greater Karoo offer a geological fusion of mountain ranges, wide open plains and canyons with a unique botanical composition that has evolved to survive this semi desert environment, with succulents adding a dash of colour to this stark terrain. Also carpeting the ground between the scattered trees are patches of aloes which tinge the veld red.

One of the most famous geological features acting as a gateway between the Little and Greater Karoo is the spectacular Meiringspoort, a drive not to be missed.

While most travellers through the Karoo dash across the vast landscape during the day, some of the best viewing is actually at night when most of the wildlife comes out to feed after the baking heat of the day. Even more impressive it the glittering of stars unpolluted by urban light which will dazzle you with their sheer brilliance and uncountable abundance.

Whether you are on a self drive or group tour through the Karoo, be sure to stop and stand in the veld for a few minutes to truly appreciate a countryside devoid of human development and enjoy the opportunity to discover something unusual in nature.

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