Glowing scorpions.


One of the amazing aspects of summer is the emergence of scorpions. Living on a lifestyle plot in the Garden Route we get our fair share of wildlife sharing our space. In July, when we visited the Kalahari National Park to hike the Xerry Trail, I purchased a UV torch anticipating looking for scorpions. Studies indicate that the density of scorpions can reach 160 individuals per 25 meters square. Little did I realise that in the icy grip of a Kalahari winter all sensible scorpions would be hibernating in their borrows. With frustration I have dusted my UV torch, eager to admire a florescent scorpion. My patience paid off this week when, on returning home we spotted a scorpion hunting across our bedroom floor.


And it looked unworldly glowing vivid yellow in the indigo aura of the UV beam. Unfortunately my camera did not have a white balance setting suitable for UV, transforming my photos to an ethereal violet.

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