A dance with adrenaline.

While 9 hours per day of bird monitoring can at times be tedious, there are always peak adrenaline moments interspersed between the continuous scanning. Today was such a day – doubled up against the howling wind and walking through recently harvested canola fields  while simultaneously attempting to spot, hear and record birds, I managed to step on a Cape Cobra. It was a curious dance! The cobra reared up to mid thigh hieght, hood flared,  a tangle of writhing coils. Instantaneously my cellular intelligence kicked in and before I realised what I was seeing,  my body levitated. It felt like I was airborne for two entire seconds, my feet spinning like a character from Astrix as I bolted through the air making every effort not to land on the snake again.  Then the adrenaline kicked in. With 2m between us I put my glasses on incase it should try spitting at my eyes and tried to approach for a photo. But the cobra dropped its head, collapsed the threatening hood and slithered into the grass. Only the roaring wind and the flushed birds remaining on the scene.


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