Sands of Time

In Africa, time ticks to a different


In the SANParks Kalahari National Park, the two primary markers of the traverse of time are sunrise and sunset. Between these two oscillating beacons, the rhythm of Africa pulses at it’s own unique pace.

The synchronized arrival of Sandgrouse at a water hole, the migrating ripples of sand fleeing ahead of the wind or a herd of Springbok driven to water by heat induced thirst. Each measured beat exists in the moment, the past survived and the future beyond the horizon.

All these natural nuances measure the heartbeat of Africa and liberate perceptive travellers from the closed circle of western timetables.


One thought on “Sands of Time

  1. You can word things really, really well. Especially the part about the Springbok being driven to water. Fantastic work and I love the photos.

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