Fabulous Fynbos

Boasting one of only six floral kingdoms in the world, South Africa’s Cape Provence is home to Fynbos. Diverse in species and containing in excess of 8000 botanical species, Fynbos blooms predominantly between February and November, peaking in the southern hemispheres winter months of June, July and August.


To place the diversity into perspective, a single hectre on top of Table Mountain contains more species of plants than the entire United Kingdom.


While the Proteas are universally known, Leucodendrons can transform the landscape to vivid yellows.


Pincushions, looking like manufactured ornaments, are spectacular while the numerous species of Erica defy your visual senses with their range of colours and delicate blooms.


But to derive the true benifit of the FYnbos, take a slow walk and spend a day investigating all the flowers that make this a truely rewarding nature outing.


While fynbos has evolved into a fire climax floral kingdom the flowers require birds and insects for their pollination.


A coffee break in a lanscape of fynbos will offer close up sightings of sunbirds, Cape Sugarbirds and canaries to name a few. The more fortunate will glimpse a Black Harrier.

Past Pollination Protea

Fynbos extends from Cape Town in the west, through the Garden Route to the Eastern Cape.


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